About Reports Filed on CDNScan
CDNScan collects thousands of user reported cryptocurrency scams each year from our partner Coin Dispute Network and lists them here as a searchable database.
How do I report a crypto scam?
Please visit our contact section to easily send us a message about your suspected scam. If you would like help recovering your funds please reach out to our sponsor Coin Dispute Network or another reputable crypto recovery firm ASAP for a free consultation.
How to identify a crypto scam?
Be wary of schemes that promise you to get rich quick. Scammers often will tell you that you can make money quickly and/or get large payouts/guaranteed returns. Some will even offer you free money paid in crypto currency.
Who is the Coin Dispute Network?
Coin Dispute Network has generously partnered with us to share the data they have collected on thousands of cryptocurrency scams. They are one of the longest standing crypto recovery firms and have been helping victims of crypto scams since 2013.
I still have questions?
Visit our contact page and send us a message!