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CDNScan has been alerted to potential fraudulent activity from this site/businesses origin.

Complaint Filed: Xii3
Xii3 has been reported to be a scam. Learn more about this potential scam below.

  • Website: Xii3.com
  • Company Name: Xii3
  • Type of Scam: crypto investments
  • Updated: recently
  • Number of Reports: 1-10

More Details

This website / platform has been reported as a crypto scam by investors who sent money to it. They allegedly received reports showing fake profits and gains from their investments. Once they tried to withdraw the funds they were allegedly unable to do so. The website / platform has allegedly insisted that customers pay more to be able to access their funds, including fake tax fees, early withdrawal fees, gas fees, and other vague fees. 

If true, this behavior follows the pattern of a classic crypto investment scam.  The company and all the investments would likely be completely fake and only meant to act as an elaborate fraud to steal your money. They may also employ accomplices on social media or dating sites to entice you into investing more and more until you go broke trying to get your money out. 

*If you have sent money to this website / platform then you need to take immediate action or else your funds may be gone forever.

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Updated on January 12, 2023

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